remember when we were all excited for Sailor Moon Crystal



ugh like this doesn’t happen with literally every single animation




holy shit
So, you don’t like the way our little fictional war came out? You don’t like Rachel dead and Tobias shattered and Jake guilt-ridden? You don’t like that one war simply led to another? Fine. Pretty soon you’ll all be of voting age, and of draft age. So when someone proposes a war, remember that even the most necessary wars, even the rare wars where the lines of good and evil are clear and clean, end with a lot of people dead, a lot of people crippled, and a lot of orphans, widows and grieving parents.
— K. A. Applegate, addressing her fans after the Animorphs finale (via avarosierthewicked)

i would love to be a writer honestly do you think people would buy my shit? i like writing about relationships and i could write young adult without being creepy i think. i am between 18 and 25 and i’m female the young adult world is dying for me. i’m gonna work on it.

in that vine of the baby making those noises like… is that guy not shaking his baby? wtf do we just collectively not care???


If there’s ever been any question about the power of Taylor Swift’s name to move records, this should dispel it. Some sort of glitch in the Canadian version of iTunes Tuesday morning led to the release of what was ostensibly a new track from her album. The record, for now titled only “Track 3,” is nothing more than 8 seconds of static, but that didn’t stop fans from taking it straight to No. 1.

As of this morning the 8 seconds of white noise—which we should have embedded for your pleasure shortly—remains at No. 1, where it sits just ahead, of course, two other songs from Taylor Swift.

this is important. this is the most important thing to happen to pop music in decades.



Is no one going to talk about the fact Oscar Pistorius killed his girlfriend and got five years jail for it? Five years. For shooting his girlfriend.